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Become a Subscriber

To become a further supporter of the stream and get access to subscriber benefits you can choose one of the different options/tiers.

Twitch Prime FREE
Tier 1 $4.99 / Month
Tier 2
+1 Bonus Emote tier 2 bonus emote
$9.99 / Month
Tier 3
+2 Bonus Emote tier 2 bonus emote tier 3 bonus emote
$24.99 / Month

Subscribe for free with Twitch Prime

To get access to all of the benefits of Twitch Prime and be able to subscribe to my channel for free, all you need to do is link your Amazon account to your Twitch account.

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Subscriber Benefits

Directly support the stream!

Without the support of viewers and subscribers, I wouldn’t be able to focus my attention on streaming and creating content for the community. I want to thank every supporter of the stream for enabling me to keep producing content daily.

Twitch sub role in discord!

To show you are a subscriber, you can get the Sub Role on Discord. This role shows your support and gives you access to subscriber only channels on the server.

Once subscribed, all you need to do to get your sub role is connect your Twitch to your Discord and wait for them to sync up (can take 1 – 2 hours):

Discord Settings Connections Twitch

No chat restriction, no slow, etc

Chat without restriction and never get slowed or locked out of typing in the chat when its in sub-mode only.

No Adverts on the stream

When subscribed you can enjoy advert free streams. You can support my streams with the added benefit of not being disturbed by adverts.

Subs only games

If you want to get involved with the stream and play some games with me during subs only games, you need to be subscribed to potentially be selected.

Earn milestone Sub badges

  • 3 Months3 Months badge
  • 6 Months6 Months badge
  • 1 Year1 Year badge
  • 2 Year2 Year badge

Unlock 48 emotes!

Use them to react in twitch chat

  • kgtv200IQ Emote
  • kgtvHammer Emote
  • kgtv4Head Emote
  • kgtvAD9M Emote
  • kgtvASMR Emote
  • kgtvGRAMAFROST Emote
  • kgtvBANANAPPL Emote
  • kgtvCURIOUS Emote
  • kgtvCastle Emote
  • kgtvCreep Emote
  • kgtvGachi Emote
  • kgtvFEELS Emote
  • kgtvHEY Emote
  • kgtvSPICY Emote
  • kgtvWUT Emote
  • kgtvRage Emote
  • kgtvHYPE Emote
  • kgtvSALT Emote
  • kgtvToxic Emote
  • kgtvNUTE Emote
  • kgtvHands Emote
  • kgtvReddit Emote
  • kgtvHEART Emote

Exclusive Rewards Unlocked with Twitch Prime

Free channel subscription
Prime Exclusive in-game loot
Free games
+ Amazon Prime membership Benefits